One Step Closer
To Zero Waste

ONE STEP CLOSER TO ZERO WASTE PACKAGING is a campaign for action and inspiration to reduce and/or eliminate single use plastics in our products, packaging, and personal lives. It is clear that we need to raise awareness on the topic, and find ways to mobilize both industry stakeholders and consumers to join forces to combat plastic waste – in fact, in a study done by McKinsey, 60-70% of consumers would pay a premium for sustainable packaging and it’s estimated that a more circular economy could generate $4.5B in economic growth – meaning we have a unique opportunity to stimulate economic growth, turn waste into wealth, and differentiate our brands through the lens of sustainability.

The One Step Closer to Zero Waste campaign, which kicked off in January 2022, includes consumer call to actions, advocacy around policy on the topics of infrastructure, labeling and extended producer responsibility, and brand storytelling to share best practices and stories of progress from CPG brands around the globe. The campaign was initially designed to last 8 weeks, but there has been a wave of interest with 60+ brands committing to this work, and with the various policy pathways in place for 2022, OSC has expanded the scope of the campaign to drive business impact and influence throughout the year. This way, we can raise awareness, celebrate industry progress, and mobilize policy momentum and community impact during this collaborative campaign.

Urge the Senate to Pass Break Free From Plastic

Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 (S.984) – The Senate companion to the House bill (HR 2238) creates requirements and incentives to reduce the production of a variety of products and materials, including plastics, and increase efforts to collect, recycle, or compost products and materials. It makes certain producers financially responsible, phases out use of single-use products, creates a temporary moratorium on new or expanded permits for certain facilities that manufacture plastics until regulations are updated to address pollution from the facilities, creates new regulatory requirements and establishes limitations on the export of plastic waste to other countries.

The following letter along with all of its signatories will be sent directly to your senators. Take action today!

Dear Senator:

As a business leader and supporter of the Zero Waste Campaign, I am writing to urge you to support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 (S. 984). This bill incentivizes businesses to reduce their level of waste production, especially plastic in their manufacturing and packaging, which will help reduce business costs at the production, distribution and waste recovery stages. This bill would take us a step closer to achieving a circular economy, which would be better for business and the environment.

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