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Our Goal

A Systems Level Approach

We recognize there’s no silver bullet solution, so we take a systems-level approach when working towards our goals. Ultimately, we are aiming to:

Develop Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

Transition away from virgin raw materials and create sustainable packaging alternatives that maintain food integrity, quality and safety

Maximize Integrity

Reduce food waste by maximizing packaging integrity

Create a Second Life for Plastics

Prioritize a second-life for plastics by sourcing recycled content, such as post-consumer recycled content (PCR)

Raise Consumer Awareness

Educate and empower consumers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions

Develop End-Markets for Hard to Recover Materials

Support end-market development to improve waste infrastructure for both compostable and recyclable materials

Adhere to Regulatory Requirements

Ensure packaging is clear, consistent, and adheres to all regulatory requirements

A 2019 report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation noted that signatory consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers have made new commitments to reduce total plastic or virgin plastic use in absolute terms by 2025. By 2025, combined with the recycled content targets of plastic and packaging manufacturers, this would avoid an estimated 8 million tonnes of virgin plastics from being produced each year – keeping 40 million barrels of oil in the ground annually.

So what do you say, will you join us?

Together, let’s drive an industry shift toward a planet-friendly approach to responsible packaging.