Who We Are

Meet OSC's Packaging Collaborative

A Coalition Working Together

The Packaging Collaborative is a coalition of natural food brands, retailers, and component suppliers working together to achieve solutions to one of the most challenging problems facing our industry: packaging waste. In 2013, OSC formed the Packaging Collaborative with a goal to remove petroleum-based plastic from landfills, oceans, and our planet by securing compostable and renewable flexible film structures with appropriate barrier qualities.

Today, the Packaging Collaborative is comprised of over 40 leading companies in the natural products industry. We believe that the best way to address packaging is to share our learnings and steer the industry towards leading-edge solutions. Nearly every company is trying to accomplish a similar goal, and by working together, we have the chance to drive an industry shift toward a planet-friendly approach.

an overview on the circular economy

Our Goal

sustainable, circular solutions

Our goal is to create sustainable, circular solutions across the entire packaging value chain. Through collaboration, innovation, technology, and legislation, we are tackling the problem, one step at a time.

Let’s collaborate

Together, let’s drive an industry shift toward a planet-friendly approach to responsible packaging.